KRT Origin Labo Type 4 +75mm Fenders (GT7)

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Made from scratch using photomatching in blender (see last picture).

Fits GT7 Base.

Please credit me if you use them



Front (With/Without Indicator bump) and rear 75mm fender, 7500/7250 Tris total.
*Aero not included.
*S15 GT7 base not included.

Personal Use License:

-Use the digital resources for personal projects.

You may NOT

-Resell, re-distribute, or share the digital resources as-is or where the resource can be extracted as-is*. That includes sharing with friends and family. A personal use license is only valid for one person, so if you know someone who would like the resources, please direct them here where they can purchase their own copy.

-Profit from the resources. If you can obtain any currency (real-word or virtual)** by your actions with the product, then you are using the product in a commercial manner, which is prohibited by this license.

-Claim copyrights to the resources. This includes not attributing/crediting.

* In the context of Assetto Corsa, an encrypted kn5 car mod is acceptable.
** Social media revenue from advertising is exempt.

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Last updated Nov 11, 2023

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KRT Origin Labo Type 4 +75mm Fenders (GT7)

0 ratings
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